Ages 4 and under - $80
Ages 6 and under - $100
Ages 8 and under - $100
Ages 10 and under - $110
Ages 12 and under - $110
Ages 14 and under - $120
Ages 16 and under - $140

Early Registration will be held at the Walnut clubhouse every Tuesday, Thursday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and Saturday's at Pasadena clubhouse from 11:00am to 1:00pm

** A copy of your child's birth certificate is required to register **

 Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the season start? Typically tryouts are held sometime
around the 3rd weekend of August.  
Practices start immediately afterwards and the games start by the 3rd
week of September.

2. If my son or daughter has never played before will he play? Yes, Pasadena Lakes
Optimist has a must play rule for all its in house Baseball Players
coaches cannot sit a player due to his ability.

3. What is included in the Fee? Pasadena lakes Optimist provides a
uniform for the player excluding cleats, Players are required to
have a glove ,Cleats and Bat.

4. When are the practices and games played? Typically there are 2 games
per week and Games are played Monday thru Saturday, games during the
week typically start at 6:30pm and end between 8pm and 8;30pm depending
on the division your son/daughter is playing in. On Saturdays they
start at 10am and the last game is played usually starts at 4pm depends
on how many teams we play.

5. What park do they play/practice at? Games are played at our fields
at Pasadena Lakes which is on the corner of Douglas road and Sheridan
street and also at our park at Walnut Creek which is 1 block east of
University drive on Taft street on the north side.
We also help Pembroke Pines Optimist, Driftwood Youth Sports, and
Hallandale Police Athletic League with their programs, so we play a
small number of games at their facilities.

6.How do I sign up to become a coach? When you register your
son/daughter there is also an option to register yourself as a coach,
asst. coach, Team Parent etc., it is no cost so you can do it at the
same time when you are registering your son/daughter.
However, it does not guarantee you will get a team to coach that
decision is made by the commissioner prior to the tryouts and it
depends on various factors.


Welcome to another exciting year of Pasadena Lakes Baseball. We all look forward to a fun-filled season. Here are a few tips that will help make the season enjoyable and rewarding:
Objectives of Baseball
  The main objectives at this age level are:
1. That the players learn good sportsmanship
2. That the players learn the fundamentals of the game of baseball
3. That the players learn the value of team work and commitment
4. Most of all that the players have FUN

The primary objective is NOT winning. Character building, Sportsmanship, and Learning the FUNdamentals that will be stressed throughout the season. Our main goal is to have all the players want to come back and play again next year.

  The coaches are volunteers who want to help out the best they can. Many are busy with work, travel and family and can not always be there for every practice or game. That is why we will need help in some way this season.
Volunteers Needed
  Throughout the season we will need volunteers for the following:
∑ Parents to keep score
∑ Parents to buys snacks for games
∑ Please consider volunteering for one or more things. There would be no baseball program without dedicated volunteers who can pitch in and help.
  Coaches will need your help to get the word out and try to obtain as many sponsors for our team as possible.
Players & Positions
  The players will experience playing a variety of positions this year However, there may be times when you feel that your son or daughter is not playing enough or is not playing a certain position enough. While these feelings are understandable, please keep in mind that the coaches face many challenges. Dealing with players whom differ in age, maturity and ability can be quite difficult. While the main goal of the season is not winning, we still want to be competitive and not put a child in a situation that they are unprepared for or uncomfortable with then become discouraged.  
  THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. It is quite difficult for 2 umpires to see everything on the field, they will miss things. Whatever happens, the umpires should not be verbally harassed by the playerís coaches or spectators. Such harassment sets a bad example for the players and is unfair and will not be tolerated.
  Pasadena Lakes Baseball will be placing an extra emphasis on sportsmanship this year. The league has stated that ANY violations to the rules will be handled severely, with the possible suspension of the parent AND player for the next game.
  We all know how families get busy, schedules fill up and at times you may encounter scheduling conflicts. However, please make every effort to bring your son or daughter to every game and practice. This year weíll have 10 to 11 players per team. As you can see with a few illnesses and scheduling conflicts we can easily be down to less than 9 players. If we donít have 8 players, we will have to forfeit the game.
  For all practices, please bring the players to the field 10 minutes before the start of the practices so that they can properly stretch and warm-up.
Game Schedules
  Will be posted on the web as they are completed.
Snack & Refreshments
  For young Tee Ball players it can be debatable as to what the most important thing during a season is: the game itself or what the snack will be after the game! At the start of the season weíll complete a snack sign up calendar for practice and games. Healthy snacks are a special treat for after practice/game. Healthy snacks are not a substitute for water ( each player should bring water for water breaks during practice). Parents should take turns volunteering to bring snacks to the practice/game. They should bring enough for the entire team and any siblings that may be around.
Remember itís only a game
  Feel free to talk to the coaches if you donít understand something. Sometimes a brief chat with a coach can avoid any potential misunderstandings, ill feelings, etc. CHEER LOUDLY for your players. They appreciate the encouragement. Most of all remember they are only Children and need you to be positive and affirming.


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